Cajun Injector Electric Turkey Fryer Review

Product Name:Cajun Injector Electric Turkey Fryer
Brand:Cajun Injector
Consumption:1600 watts
Capacity:120 cups
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The Cajun Injector electric turkey fryer provides a no-mess and no-hassle solution to home frying food with space to accept a 12-14 pound turkey. Plus, this fryer can also double up as a seafood boiler to easily prepare the crowd-pleasing meal.

Let’s look are the major features and pros and cons of this specific deep fryer model.


A reliable deep fryer model needs to include a range of practical and safety features to make sure it is able to cook up the crispy and golden turkey. Here are several of the best features related to the Cajun Injector electric turkey fryer:

  • Cooks up to a 12-14 pound turkey

  • Includes perforated seafood basket

  • Aluminum bailing-basket with quick draining system

  • Heating element in stainless steel

  • Safety shut off

  • Built-in digital controls with timer and thermostat

  • Drain valve for quick drainage and clean up

  • Uses 1.5 to 2 gallons of oil

  • Detachable cord


The Cajun Injector electric turkey fryer is a versatile cooking appliance with the ability to deep fry a 14 pound turkey and steam seafood. The following includes some of the most appreciated pros of this deep fryer:

  • The Cajun Injector turkey fryer is built to easily accept a turkey up to 14 pounds while also able to function like a seafood boiler.

  • This fryer has a stylish look and long-lasting design with components in stainless steel, aluminum, and cast-iron.

  • It has a built-in quick drain valve which makes it easier to empty the leftover oil or water after cooking.

  • Cooking the turkey is made easy with the addition of the LCD digital control with a timer and thermostat

  • The clear top lid makes it possible to check on the food without letting the heat escape.

  • For high-strength and long-term durability the heating element is made in stainless steel.

  • This deep fryer has a twin container design which lowers the risk of the outside of the pot getting too hot to touch.


While the Cajun Injector is a favorite with some fans of deep fried food, it isn’t the best rated appliance in the market by a long shot. Let’s look at some of the cons that are most mentioned by consumers:

  • The fryer can take a while (55-60 minutes) to reach the maximum temperature of 375°.

  • The Cajun Injector turkey fryer isn’t the best at recovering full temperature once the turkey has been lowered into the pot (which will also extend the cooking time).

  • The drainage spout is about 1-inch about the bottom of the pot which makes it difficult to fully empty the pot after cooking.

  • The control panel isn’t intuitive and takes a while to learn how to use properly.

  • Similar to other kitchen appliances of this nature the power cord is reported to be short.

  • The built in temperature gauge isn’t 100% accurate when checking the oil temperature.

  • The digital LCD isn’t the easiest to read in low-light conditions and direct sunlight.

  • Tabs for holding the heating element seem to break easily which prevents the appliance from working.

Useful Tips To Take Maximum Of Your Deep Fryer

To get the best results while using the deep fryer, you can read our useful tips.

  • While the Cajun injector turkey fryer has a stated capacity of 14 to 16 pounds, it can be difficult to fully submerge the turkey at 13 pounds or more. The entire bird will cook in this situation even though the top part isn’t covered with oil. A solution to this is to flip the turkey on its side or completely over to make sure the top is entirely golden brown and done.

  • This deep fryer isn’t the fastest at heating up to the desired cooking temperature so it can help to put foam or foil insulation around the outside of the pot to help with retaining heat. Plus, the glass lid should be kept in place to improve the fryers ability to retain heat.

  • Another step that can be taken to minimize heat loss is to plug the three vent holes in the lid (enough heat already escapes from the actual lid).


Even though the Cajun Injector electric fryer is a versatile and safe appliance for deep frying turkeys up to 14 pounds at home, it isn’t able to attract the most favorable reviews from customers.

It has been built with a stylish and attractive design that will look great in any kitchen and includes a variety of practical features like the digital control panel, drain valve, clear lid, and high-strength heating element. But, it does also have its failings with quite a few cons mentioned which prevents this fryer from getting top marks.

The most common issues reported include the inability to maintain or recover temperature after placing a turkey in the pot and difficulties with reading and using the control panel.

All in all, the Cajun Injector electric turkey fryer has been able to attract a rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars on the Amazon marketplace.

Because of the lower than average rating for this fryer it might be worth carefully considering the pros and cons of this appliance or to look at alternative choices that have more favorable qualities.

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