Waring Pro DF280 Professional Deep Fryer

Product Name:Waring Pro DF280 Professional Deep Fryer
Consumption:1800 watts
Capacity:16 cups
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The large scale dimensions of the Waring DF280 Deep Fryer make it a practical choice for the larger family wishing to cook up some fried food. Plus, it comes with two frying baskets, which makes it easier to prepare one or two portions at a time.

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  • Removable and immersion style 1800-watt heating element

  • Large food capacity of 2.3 pounds

  • Removable 1-gallon oil container in stainless steel with pouring spout

  • Cool touch handles for the baskets

  • Use two small or one large, heavy mesh basket for cooking

  • Easy to use temperature control

  • 60 minute digital timer

  • A clear view window

  • Stainless steel housing and lid


The Waring Pro DF280 is one of the more attractive deep fryers on the market for the large family or entertainment purposes and comes with many great pros.

  • The Waring Pro DF280 gives a versatile cooking experience with the ability to cook one family size meal using the large basket or split the snacks and cook up two different meals using the two small baskets.

  • The three frying baskets are made with a heavy mesh material to ensure stable use, as well as being easy to clean and maintain.

  • The top lid has a large viewing window which makes it easy to view the progress of the frying, which eliminates the need to lift the lid and release the heat while cooking

  • The top and side handles on the fryer are designed to be cool to the touch to make it easier to move in the kitchen when needed.

  • This fryer has a large digital display which clearly shows the timer and cooking temperature, which makes it really easy to monitor the cooking process.

  • It has large and easy to use control buttons to quickly adjust the temperature and time as and when needed, while also having a clear red button to show when the appliance is on and likely to be warm to the touch.

  • Plus, the fryer gives the option to use precision temperature control for ease in setting the heat at the exact range to match the food items being cooked

  • This deep fryer has a built in odor-release mechanism to avoid building up any unnecessary smell in the kitchen.

  • For ease in cleanup this deep fryer has a removable non-stick oil tank which really simplifies the process of cleaning the appliance after each cooking session.

  • In addition, the oil tank has a pouring spout to make it easier to control any left over oil and keep the potential messes to an absolute minimum.

  • Its large 2.3 pound cooking capacity makes it possible to cook up enough fried chicken for the entire family in a single setting.


Even though the Waring Pro DF280 deep fryer has a long list of positive qualities, there are a few cons that have been noticed by consumers.

  • This deep fryer has a magnetic power cord which is easily disconnected if it is accidently knocked or the appliance is moved. Plus, if the power cord is disconnected it will reset the timer making it difficult to know the cooking time. It helps to place this appliance somewhere that is out of the way.

  • The cord length is a little short and only appears to be about 1-ft in length.

  • While the wire baskets have a strong construction, the edges can be thin and sharp which means it is necessary to be careful when handling this item.

  • It doesn’t include a filter or catch screen beneath the baskets.

  • The baskets are designed to hook on one side when draining, but only attach with one hook which isn’t very stable enough for the large basket. A better design would be two hooks to prevent the large basket flipping when draining or unloading.


Overall, the Waring Pro DF280 deep fryer is a practical addition to the home with a family of 4 and makes great homemade fried chicken, French fries, and popcorn chicken. If this is your first deep fryer, you will soon learn to make everything come out crispy with a little practice. While there are minor inconveniences in relation to the cord length and sensitive magnetic cord this doesn’t distract from the wide-ranging positives of this appliance which make it extremely convenient and easy to use.

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