How To Clean a Deep Fat Fryer: 17 Super Easy Steps

Deep fryers are a convenient way to cook a whole turkey or a variety of side dishes. 

But, to continue to use the deep fryer as intended and avoid grime buildup, it is essential to give the appliance a periodic clean. 

Learning the basic steps how to clean a deep fat fryer easy way makes sure the entire process of caring for this kitchen appliance does not get too complicated.

As you may already know, we (Irene and Lisa) are a huge fan of fried food and deep fryer is one of our beloved possessions. And since we don't want to compromise on either taste or quality, we often clean deep fryers using a set of steps.

In this article, we are sharing CrispySister's 13 super easy steps to clean a deep fat fryer. But first -

Deep fryers are constantly exposed to the build-up of grime and oil from the different fried foods. Give the fryer a regular clean to prevent the dirt taking a permanent foothold.

For the deep fryer that is only used occasionally, such as once every couple of weeks, it generally benefits to clean after each use.

But, for the fryer in constant use, it helps to change the oil and clean the appliance every two or three days to avoid the build up of old, dirty oil which can include small bits of food.

Tools Needed for Cleaning A Household Deep Fryer

If you are planning to give the electric deep fryer a thorough clean make sure to have the proper tools to hand.

Items we use to clean a deep fryer include:

  • Container to hold the oil
  • Dishwashing or grease dissolving dish detergent
  • Plastic bowl
  • Plastic scrub sponge (preferred on Teflon coated fryers)
  • Soap-filled scrub (preferred on metal fryers)
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Sponge
  • Water

Few other items that can help but are optional:

  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Gloves

Tools in place? Let's get started with cleaning.

How To Clean a Deep Fat Fryer: Step-by-Step Process

How To Clean a Deep Fat Fryer- 17 Steps

1. Turn off and unplug the deep fryer

If the fryer has recently been in use, make sure to leave enough time (usually about hours) for the oil and appliance to cool down completely before starting the cleaning process.

2. Drain the oil when cooled and leave in a storage container (if planning to reuse) or dispose of properly

If the oil is rancid (typically smells and has a noticeable change in color) make sure to dispose off by letting it cool and pouring into an appropriate container or disposal bag.

3. When it comes to pouring oil from the fryer, make sure to place the container or bag in the sink to avoid spilling any oil drops on the countertop.

4. For extra safety, wrap the power cable in several kitchen towels or a dry cloth to protect it against water spillage or debris while cleaning.

5. Lift out the filter or frying basket and place to one side.

6. Use a plastic spatula or similar tool to scrape the sides and bottom surfaces to remove the build-up of food particles. Carefully dispose of this waste in a trash can.

7. For the deep fryer that is particularly oily, use kitchen towels to clean and soak up the most noticeable traces of oil residue on the inner surfaces.

It may even help to spread several towels inside the fryer and leave them to soak up more of the oil. Continue to repeat this process until the kitchen towels are no longer oil-soaked.

8. Now it is possible to start cleaning the deep fryer with soap and water

Prepare a cleaning solution consisting of lukewarm water and 7-8 drops of a dishwashing soap or grease dissolving dish detergent. Fill a plastic bowl with this solution and place next to the fryer while cleaning.

9. Make sure to avoid spilling water on the fryer’s electrical components while cleaning.

10. Rub the cleaning agent around the inside to completely coat both the sides and bottom surfaces

Start rubbing on the bottom of the fryer and work in a circular motion to help build up a lather.

11. Once the inner surfaces of the deep fryer have received a good scrub, use the kitchen faucet to fill the appliance with extremely hot water up to the mark of the normal oil limit.

12. Leave the fryer to sit for about 25-30 minutes to further help remove or loosen any remaining oil residue.

While the fryer is left to soak it is a good time to wash the frying basket and filter.

13. Clean the basket under hot running water and use a scrubber to remove the oily residue. 

Apply a hard back-and-forth scrubbing motion to fully clean this piece of equipment. Continue to scrub until the basket no longer feels greasy.

14. Use a more delicate touch when it comes to cleaning the filter to minimize the risk of causing damage.

Filters are easily cleaned with high-pressured water and a gentle scrubbing motion.

But, for those filters that appear delicate it might be more practical to use the same cleaning solution for the inside of the fryer together with a soft-bristled brush.

15. Now return to the deep fryer and pour out about 50% of the water into the kitchen sink. Use the leftover water to help wide down the sides and bottom surfaces. Pour out the remaining water once that is complete.

16. Give the deep fryer a final rinse using fresh water. Continue to add and remove fresh water until the last of the soap residue is completely gone.

17. Let the inside of the deep fryer air-dry while the outside can be dried using several kitchen towels or a soft cloth.

Warnings and Tips To Keep in Mind

1. For the deep fryer left to get extremely dirty, use an oven cleaner to assist with the most difficult jobs. But, use extra caution with oven cleaners and make sure to fully rinse out the fryer to avoid chemical transfer when it comes to refilling with oil.

2. If the inside of the deep fryer still feels slightly oily after cleaning with soapy water, it is possible to use a vinegar-water solution or a baking soda-water paste to give the inner surfaces a final clean.

Vinegar is also useful for neutralizing odor in the particularly smelly fryers.

How To Clean a Deep Fat Fryer using Vingear

3. Never clean the kitchen appliance while still plugged in.

4. Do not place the deep fryer in dishwasher or sink. Submerging the appliance in water is certain to cause an electrical short which will cause damage to the appliance.

Happy cleaning!

Let us know in comments if this how to clean a deep fryer guide was helpful. Also, share when and how you clean your deep fryer.

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