Masterbuilt 23011014/23011114 Review: Perfect Turkey Every Time

Masterbuilt 23011014 Butterball is an electric fryer with turkey-shaped design for convenient, easy, and safe turkey frying at home. 

The company have produced two models:

  1. Large to safely and efficiently cook turkey up to 14 pounds (23011014)
  2. Extra-large to cook turkey as large as 20 pounds (23011114)

Let’s look at the wide-ranging positives that make these fryers such an appealing choice for the fried turkey fan, as well as a few minor cons.

Brand: Masterbuilt

Consumption: 1650 watts

Capacity: 44 cups

Size: XL

Customer Ratings: 4.4/5 stars

This deep fryer has been built with a one-of-a-king design that is engineered to provide a safe and reliable solution to cook the delicious crispy deep-fried turkey in the home kitchen.

Here are some of the standard features of the Masterbuilt 23011014/23011114 Butterball:

  • Solid and attractive stainless steel construction
  • Large capacity with the ability to fry turkeys up 14 pounds in the 23011014 model or turkeys up to 20 pounds in the XL 23011114 model
  • Fryer has the ability to steam vegetables or seafood
  • The cooking time is 3.5 to 4 minutes per pound
  • Temperature control with thermostat to prevent overheating
  • Cooking basket with useful drain clip
  • Built-in filter to minimize cooking odors
  • Folding lid window
  • Uses up to 2 gallons of oil (23011014) or 2.75 gallons of oil (23011114)
  • Oil drain valve
  • Digital timer
  • Storage compartment for the power cord

What We Like About Masterbuilt 23011014 Electric Fryer

When you want a safe, hassle-free way to indoor fry the turkey, the versatility of the Masterbuilt 23011014/23011114 Butterball is certain to give a reliable option.

This electric fryer by Masterbuilt has a long list of positive features to make sure delicious fried turkey is produced each and every time.

Masterbuilt 23011114 Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer

Here are several of the pros of this kitchen appliance:

  • The Masterbuilt 23011114 Butterball XL is one of the larger deep fryers with the capacity to safely hold a turkey up to 20 pounds
  • The deep fryer is built to keep you safe with its porcelain-coated inner chamber to make sure the oil is properly contained
  • This deep fryer has the ability to use 1/3 less oil compared to most other conventional fryers
  • It is built with a 1650-watt heating element which is powerful enough to quickly heat the oil (usually in 30 minutes or less)
  • The built in thermostat temperature control is useful for its ability to manage the cooking process and avoid overheating.
  • Butterball is designed to be easy to clean and comes with a drain valve for ease in replacing the used oil
  • This deep fryer has a space-saving design – even the XL model – which means it makes sure the countertop space is kept to a minimum when in use
  • For easy operation of the fryer it has a user-friendly analog control panel to manage the temperature and an indicator light to alert when the oil has reached the desired temperature
  • For extra safety, an automatic shut-off feature is in place to stop the appliance getting too hot when in use
  • In addition to deep frying turkeys, hot wings, fish, or even doughnuts, the Masterbuilt 23011014/23011114 Butterball fryer is also a practical option to steam or boil a wide variety of foods

What We Didn’t Like About Masterbuilt 23011014 Electric Fryer

Even though the Masterbuilt 23011014/23011114 Butterball is highly rated and gets mostly positive reviews by consumers, there are several issues that have been mentioned.

Here are some of the most reported cons:

  • The heating element isn’t always able to maintain the high 375° temperature when a turkey or other food is lowered in the appliance (this may also mean the cooking time needs to be extended)
  • The pipe used to empty the old oil is quite short and could benefit from being a bit longer
  • The fryer doesn’t always produce an end result with crispy skin
  • It can generate quite a bit of splatter when lowering the turkey and there is still a noticeable frying odor even when the filter is in place
  • Similar to most other electric fryers the power cord is short

How To Properly Use An Electric Fryer

To get the best results while using the electric deep fryer, you can read our useful tips:

1. For the most efficient use of the Masterbuilt Butterball turkey fryer, it is suggested in the user guide to give the turkey a warm water bath for about 30 minutes before lowering into the cooking oil.

2. Even though the Masterbuilt Butterball is rated for indoor use, it can emit quite a bit of atomized oil and stream which has the potential to make the inside of the home quite smelly. 

To avoid this problem, it can benefit to relocate the fryer to a convenient spot in the garage or patio while in use.

3. Used cooking oil should be properly disposed. One solution for this is to get in contact with your local grocery store to see if their special cooking oil disposal bin is available for customer use. 

Not all grocery stores have this service accessible to customers, so make sure to call ahead before attempting to dump your used oil on their premises.

Final Verdict: Masterbuilt 23011014 Electric Fryer Review

Masterbuilt 23011114 Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer

With the choice of sizes and safety controls, the Masterbuilt 23011014/23011114 Butterball fryer is certain to provide a reliable solution for families that love to eat deep fried food.

The stainless-steel look makes it look great in any modern kitchen while the 1,650-watt heating element, easy to use controls, and light indicators make it a pleasure to use.

But, there are a couple of negatives like maintaining the temperature and splatter, but overall this is still a good fryer all-in-all.

The Masterbuilt 23011014/23011114 Butterball is an awesome fryer overall and gets a high rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on the Amazon marketplace

For anyone that wants to fry a turkey at Thanksgiving or other family gatherings, this kitchen appliance is certain to appeal to those looking to entertain the large crowd.

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