Presto 05442 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer Review

This is one of the best deep fat fryers in the market today. I have been using it personally and it also tops CrispySister's list of best deep fryers.

From my own experience, manual booklet, and reading several product reviews online for the Presto 05442 deep fryer, here is some more information on this deep fryer.

Brand: Presto

Consumption: 1500 watts

Capacity: 6 cups

Size: S

Customer Ratings: 3.6/5 stars

The Presto 05442 deep fryer has some of the best features that every deep fryer should have. Read on:

  • Exterior basket handle to lower food into oil
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Locking cover
  • Light indicator showing the oil is ready for frying
  • Viewing window
  • Charcoal air filter
  • Temperature range of 250° F – 375° F (121° – 190° C)
  • 1500 watts energy consumption
  • 6 cup capacity
  • Compact size
  • Inexpensive

These features make this deep fryer one of the best in the market along with its cool touch surface.

What We Like About Presto 05442 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer

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The features the fryer has are responsible for its great pros.

  • The Presto 05442 deep fryer has adjustable temperature settings (a thermostat) which is good for frying different foods at their required temperatures
  • The deep fryer has a removable basket which is easy and quick to clean
  • It has a locking cover which not only prevents food from splattering but also reduces the aroma
  • Unlike some other deep fryers, this one has an extra large viewing window that lets you monitor the food as it fries in order to avoid under cooking or over cooking
  • Another great feature of this deep fryer is the light indicator which alerts the cook when the oil is ready for frying
  • An exterior handle for lowering the food into the oil with the cover closed so that spattering can be prevented
  • A charcoal filter that reduces odor coming from the fryer when cooking
  • The locking cover which prevents food from spattering

What We Didn’t Like About Presto 05442 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer

Taking a look at what this deep fryer offers, it’s almost close to perfect, but NO! Every good thing must have its shortcomings. The Presto 05442 deep fryer is one of them.

There have been a few complaints about this kitchen appliance concerning its features, their functionality and efficiency.

  • One of the setbacks of this deep fryer is its size as you cannot fill it with food over the full line. If you do so, the food will not drain
  • This also means that this deep fryer can only serve a small number of people, thus not good for a large family
  • Another problem with this deep fat fryer is that you can’t put food with ice crystals in it as it might lead the oil to boil too much causing a leakage
  • The deep fryer has a stated temperature range of 250° F – 375° F (121° – 190° C); however, it may have troubles reaching the max temperature of the 375° F (190° C)
  • It takes time to heat up the oil to the cooking temperature

Final Verdict: Presto 05442 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer Review

To sum up, the Presto 05442 cooldaddy cool-touch deep fryer is one such kitchen appliance that performs fine when it comes to frying foods. It is more suitable for smaller families as it cannot hold up too much food because of its 6 cup capacity.

Looking at both its pros and cons, the Presto has so many great features that aids in acquiring crispy and tastier fried foods. From the adjustable temperature to a handy indicator light that alerts you when the oil is ready for cooking, this deep fryer is very convenient to use.

It also has some shortcomings. These include a lower wattage that may result in longer cooking times (depends on the food you are cooking) as well as its compact size.

Though, despite all the cons, the Presto 05442 deep fryer is a fair kitchen appliance which is evident from the good Amazon ratings of over 3.6 stars. 

Definitely, this is a kitchen appliance that not only makes deep frying easy, but also produces very delicious meals.

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